Planning ahead

When and where will the Island Walk be held?
The State Street Island Walk will be held on Saturday 23 June 2018. The start point is Elizabeth Harbour Ferry Terminal at the Waterfront, St Helier. Registration is open from 01:00 hours and the walk starts at 03:00 hours. Please note that all walkers must start at 03:00 hours and your entry will not be recognised unless you pass through the gate at this time.
When and where will the Lieutenant Governor's Challenge be held?
This year’s section of the current series of the Lieutenant Governor’s Challenge will start at Le Braye Slip on Saturday 23 June 2018. Registration is open from 13:00 hours and the walk starts at 14:00 hours and will finish at the Waterfront, St. Helier.
Do I need any special equipment?
Not particularly, but we do recommend a good pair of walking boots and socks that are designed for walking (they don’t have seams, which can rub). Also take along your own plasters, sun block, other weather protection such as a hat etc. Read more about preparing for the Island Walk and staying healthy in the Advice and Preparation section.
We hope to arrange some discounts  with local suppliers and shall announce them shortly.

Getting to Jersey

By air
Quick links to airlines offering scheduled flights from London and over 25 UK regional airports:

Flybe Aurigny
British Airways Easyjet
By sea
Condor Ferries provide a fast service to Jersey carrying foot passengers and cars to Jersey from Poole, Portsmouth or Weymouth in less than four hours. A daily service also operates from St. Malo, France. See Condor Ferries website for more details.
Where can I stay?
The State Street Island Walk is currently negotiating preferential hotel rates for walkers – we shall announce them shortly.

For other accommodation please consult your local Travel Agent or Jersey Tourism at www.jersey.com or telephone +44 1534 448800.

On the day

Do I have a walk number?
Yes. Once you are registered you will receive an email confirming your details and your walker pack containing your walk number and other walk items will be posted to local and U.K. walkers at the beginning on June (international walkers will need to collect their packs upon arrival in Jersey).
Each walker (or relay team) pack also contains a checkpoint card bearing your number and barcode. Attach it to the lanyard (supplied) because you will need to have it scanned at each Checkpoint. If you do not scan your checkpoint card, we cannot keep track of you, or provide you with a breakdown of your time between checkpoints.
How is my time recorded?
We adopt a “gun start”, so every walker is taken as starting at the official start time of 03:00 hours. Your progress throughout the walk is recorded when you have your checkpoint card scanned at each Checkpoint. Your official finish time will be recorded when you checkpoint card is scanned at the finish. However we must point out that the Island Walk is not a race but a personal challenge and running is not encouraged.
All you need to do is keep your number on and cross the start and finish line.
What do I do if I have to drop out?
If you decide to drop out from the walk you should try to retire at a Checkpoint.The Checkpoint officials will make sure that your retirement is recorded. If you have to retire between Checkpoints then you should contact Walk Control on the number given in your Information Pack.
Do you provide a map of the route?
Every Walker receives a copy of the official walk map in their walker packs, which are sent out in the first week of June. Click here to download a copy and print out: States Street Island Walk Map 2018.
Can I walk with my ipod (or other device) on?
You are free to listen to musical equipment on the cliff paths but this equipment must be switched off when walking on public roads or in the vicinity of Checkpoints. When in the vicinity of walk officials or the police this equipment must be switched off so that you are able to hear any instructions given.

Can family / friends follow me on the course?
Friends and family are welcome to check on your progress at the designated Checkpoints but we would discourage them from walking with you on the route. With over 1200 registered walkers the course is already busy.
Can I bring my dog with me?
Although we do not ban dogs we would discourage their participation as 48.1 miles is a huge distance for your average pooch. If you do want to bring your dog you must disclose this at the time of registration and be aware that the organisers will not take any responsibility whatsoever for them on the Island Walk. Should your dog require any assistance while on the Island Walk it is entirely your responsibility to find the necessary help.
Will there be medical assistance?
Yes. St Johns Ambulance will have a permanent station at the Finish and a roaming ambulance service. Jersey Ambulance Service will also have a fixed base at the Noirmont Checkpoint, plus a mobile unit tracking the Lieutenant Governor’s Challenge walkers.
Will there be water stations round the course and where?
>All 12 Checkpoints will have as a minimum water, juice and crisps with many having much more. The Checkpoint locations are as follows (including approximate opening/closing times*):

Start      Checkpoint Open    Closed
1 Longbeach Car Park, Gorey 04:00 06:30
2 St. Catherine 04:30 07:15
3 White Rock Car Park, Rozel 05:30 09:00
4 La Pierre de le Fetelle 06:00 10:30
5 Les Fontaines 07:00 12:45
6 Devil’s Hole 07:45 13:45
7 Greve de Lecq 08:30 14:30
8 Grosnez 09:00 16:15
9 Le Braye Slipway 10:15 18:30
10 Beauport Car Park 11:15 20:15
11 Noirmont Point 12:15 22:15
12 St. Brelade’s Parish Hall 13:00 23:00
Finish Waterfront 11:00 23:45

(*) Times subject to change

Are there toilets on the course?
Yes. There are toilet facilities at every Checkpoint. There are also frequent public toilets around the course.
What do I do with my bag?
If you do not want to carry your bag we will transport it for you between Checkpoints.
On arrival at a Checkpoint you will find your bag at the ‘Bag In’ area.
When leaving a Checkpoint you must ensure that your bag is moved to the ‘Bag Out’ area so that it is moved onward to the next Checkpoint.
Please note that bags will not be available at the White Rock, Greve de Lecq and St Aubins Checkpoints.
Will there be massage therapists available?
Yes. Massage therapists will be available at the Les Fontaine Checkpoint and the Finish.
What parking facilities are available at the start?
All town car parks will be available as normal, but please note that charge are applicable from 08:00 hours to 17:00 hours on Saturday, 24 June 2017.

After the event

How do I pay over my sponsorship money?
If not using an online facility (or your own personal sponsorship page) please bring your sponsorship money in the form of a cheque, made payable to ‘The Around the Island Walk Trust’, with you to registration at the start. Alternatively, you can use the paying in slip provided in your Walker Pack to deposit your sponsorship money at any branch of Lloyds TSB, or bring it along with you at the start.
When will awards to charities be given out?
The presentation evening is scheduled for early September 2017 at the Royal Yacht Hotel. Keep an eye on the website for final details.